Our Island Jamaica…

Who doesn’t know something about Jamaica? Perhaps you know Jamaica as the land of REGGAE music or the birthplace of the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. Perhaps you have tasted Jamaican Jerk Chicken or seen pictures of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea that surround the island. 

Being in Jamaica is a magical experience. Nooks and crannies are like little worlds onto themselves, from crystal waterfalls, the reinvigorating mist of our island air, hidden caves, hills and mountains that neutralize worry, and beaches that ease your mind. Your stomach and your body will absolutely love our cuisine, world-class in its form.

Come to Jamaica; it is a gift to your mind and body.

A variety of styles and ambiences to suit your personal taste and interests is available through our selective partnering properties and facilities. Our facilities span several parishes:


Jamaica’s freshest eco-tourism hotspot. From rafting down the Rio Grande to the gorgeous waters of the Blue Lagoon, made famous by the movie of the same name starring Brooke Shields, Portland is home to some of the most beautiful natural attractions on the island. Are you a fan of rock-climbing or just enjoy water cascading over you? Portland is home to Reach Falls - one of the parish's best-kept secrets. Discover hidden holes carved out by the water under the falls. You may even find a secret cave!



A full range of experiences, from rubbing shoulders with warm smiling friendly folks in tightly knit rural communities to upscale hotels and countless outdoor adventures, St. Ann has so much to offer. Partner properties include private villas, and medium and larger size hotels. Shopping malls are in easy reach, as are waterparks and adventure parks along Jamaica’s northern coast.



Kingston is evolving rapidly. Home to the best restaurants, historical landmarks, museums, business hotels, shopping malls, clubs, and the best-equipped gyms, a variety of business hotels and private villas are available. Airy parks and running tracks spot the city landscape, nestled by hills and mountains that make for breathtaking hikes. Reach anywhere with ease through safe and reliable private taxi services, or utilise any of a number of car rental outlets.



The other end of Jamaica’s northern coast, just short drive from Ocho Rios, St. James is home to Montego Bay, a popular tourism mecca. Delve into rural community life in adjacent parishes, or just relax in large beautiful properties of all-inclusive international hotels. Waterparks, exciting night life, shopping malls, and outdoor adventures in adjacent towns, are only a part of what St. James has to offer.