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If you’re considering seeking your medical care overseas, it it likely due to the fact that healthcare costs in your country/region are prohibitive or the wait times are significantly long.

By choosing to have your procedure through Paradise Concierge, you can save up to 80% for selected treatments compared to U.S. prices. In addition, wait times are essentially nonexistent. We should stress that despite the lower costs and the shorter wait times, quality of care is not compromised. We pride ourselves on providing care comparable to top hospitals in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Save money on medical expenses with Paradise Concierge

Why choose Paradise Concierge and Jamaica?

There are a wide range of healthcare options worldwide. For members of the Jamaican or Caribbean diaspora, Jamaica is the ideal option. There is a familiarity with the people, culture and perhaps, the medical services that will provide reassurance and comfort. This only serves to support the world-class quality of care that is provided to ALL patients.

For those with no connection to Jamaica, the decision may be more challenging. One major advantage is that Jamaica is an English-speaking country. Communication is simple, with no concerns about miscommunication. Paradise Concierge has partnered with only the best in their speciality. Many of our partnering physicians have received overseas training in well-known facilities in North America, Europe and Australia and bring that expertise and world experience to Paradise Concierge. The vibrant culture and food, tropical climate and exotic surroundings make Jamaica the ideal location for recuperation and rehabilitation. Accompanying family and friends will want for nothing with the wealth of  entertainment that is available.

Why are healthcare costs lower with Paradise Concierge?

There are many factors that impact the cost of healthcare procedures, often related to differences  in regional economy. The main reasons include:

  • Lower costs of labour
  • Lower costs of supplies and equipment
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Lower real estate values
  • Lower cost to pharmaceuticals
  • Better support from governing bodies